Created with a Passion for Good Ice Cream, Inspired by a Country that Nestled it

Annette Ice Cream is the realisation of its founder’s Anne’s dream.  Inspired by the street food and night markets of Thailand, we have created ice cream with recipes consisting of fresh and natural ingredients.  All our products are hand made in our central kitchen facility in Thailand.  Since we opened in 2013, our goal is to create the world’s best hand made bespoke artesian ice cream on a stick.

Just as our founders are entrepreneurs who literally started this business in their kitchen, we at Annette want to cater to all the entrepreneurs out there and believe we have created a business model whereby for less then US$45,000 you can start your own business in less then 3 months.

Our Story

The Idea

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Our Ice Cream


All our ice cream is lovingly crafted and accessorised with different decorative items matching our ice cream flavours.


Artisanal ice cream with unique flavours that are crafted with 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives.


We are a versatile company, with a small minimum order, we can create ice cream sticks for our partners based on their flavour and design preferences.

Size Comparison

Brand A

Height: 9.5 cm

(14.5 cm Including stick)

Width: 4.5 cm

Depth: 1.7 cm

Weight: 57 g

Brand B

Height: 9.3 cm

(15 cm Including stick)

Width: 4.5 cm

Depth: 2.5 cm

Weight: 70 g


Height: 9.5 cm

(16.4 cm Including stick)

Width: 7.6 cm

Depth: 3 cm

Weight: 93 g

Brand C

Height: 9.4 cm

(14.5 cm Including stick)

Width: 4.5 cm

Depth: 2 cm

Weight: 69 g

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Food Hygiene Training

At Annette, we understand the importance of food hygiene and safety. In addition to ensuring that our processes comply with industry-standard food hygiene regulations, we do regular food hygiene training to heighten staff’s awareness and understanding of a hygienic workplace and working practices.

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Ice Cream on wheels